FSMA to Partner with IFMA its 26th Annual Top2Top Conference
At IFMA’s 2020 President’s Conference

Jerry Campbell, FSMA Chairman of the Board and President of the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (“FSMA”) and CEO of Affinity Sales, announced that FSMA will hold its 26th Annual Top2Top Conference in partnership with the International Food Manufacturers Association (“IFMA”) annual Presidents Conference being held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, from Sunday, November 1, to Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The 26th Annual Top2Top will begin at the conclusion of the Presidents Conference on Tuesday, November 3, and continue through Wednesday, November 4.

Jerry explained that the Board of Directors of FSMA determined that partnering its annual event with IFMA will provide economies for foodservice manufacturers and their agencies who attend numerous industry conferences, saving executive time, travel and accommodations. Further, the combined events should provide for greater attendance as well as offering more program options to the attendees who desire to attend both events.

FSMA’s Agency, Manufacturer, and Allied Members primarily represent the foodservice sales and marketing organizations. FSMA’s 25th Annual Top2Top Conference was held in January 2019 and the FSMA Board of Directors determined it would reset the date of its well-regarded foodservice Conference to coincide with the end of IFMA’s Presidents Conference.

As currently planned, FSMA’s Top2Top will begin Tuesday afternoon, November 3rd, following the conclusion of IFMA Presidents Conference normal programing and continue until the afternoon of Wednesday, November 4th. Registration for the Top2Top Event at the 2020 President’s Conference will be facilitated as an add-on to IFMA’s 2020 Presidents Conference. Further details of the sessions for foodservice Agencies, Manufacturer and their Allies will be determined in the future by the Event Planning Committee of FSMA composed of both foodservice Manufacturers and Agencies. For any questions in this regard, please contact Barry Maloney, FSMA’s Executive Director as noted below.

Participants at Top2Top are not required to attend IFMA's Presidents Conference. More information about the Presidents Conference is available at IFMA's website. Further Top2Top program details will be updated in the near future.


The Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (“FSMA”) represents the world’s leading foodservice manufacturers and their agency representatives. It is estimated that upwards of 70-75% of US foodservice products are sold through broadline distribution involving a sales and marketing agency. FSMA’s mission is to promote these sales and marketing agencies as the preferred method for manufacturer/suppliers to go-to-market; to be the national voice of the sales agency community; to advocate on behalf of sales agency interests; and to enhance relationships among manufacturer/suppliers, agencies, distributors, operators, customers, and other key stakeholders.

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