FSMA Legal Opinion Library

One of your most valuable FSMA member benefits is access to important legal opinions and advice. This service is offerred to members as part of their dues investment in FSMA  Many members have saved thousands of dollars and possible legal jeopardy by taking advantage of this service.

Manufacturer/Agency relationships are governed by state, federal and contract laws. Violations of these laws often involve severe penalties.

For the protection of all parties, FSMA offers legal opinions on the most frequently occurring legal issues. Members can also call FSMA directly for a confidential review of their specific situation.

Listed below are our most frequently requested legal opinions governing a variety of common situations. These legal opinions are available to FSMA Members only. Call FSMA at 202-293-1414 for a confidential discussion, or via email.

You can also contact FSMA General Counsel Barry Maloney at:

Maloney & Knox, PLLC
5225 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Suite 316
Washington, DC 20015-2055

[email protected]

Legal Library Bookshelves

  • Customers Interfering with Manufacturers Right to Select Their Own Agency.
  • Distributors Requiring Agencies To Pay Promotional Fees.
  • Legality of Witholding Commissions due to Customer Non-Payment
  • Manufacturers Liability to Pay Commission Upon Termination
  • Covenant Not to Compete

Members should consult with FSMA before using any legal opinions.